Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Side by side

Well, I dont know what to say….Tapi, dia itu salah satu teman terbaik saya, termasuk sepuluh anggota kelompok PENCAPIR (PENgamat CeritA-cerita PIeRa!) pertama. Kalau misalnya ya, nih kelompok PENCAPIR (PENgamat CeritA-cerita PIeRa!) itu sistem MLM, dia ini udah punya banyak banget downline-nyaaah! Beliau sudah pantas dapat hadiah wisata kapal pesiar!

Madame Futrih 'Atut 'Atit 'Ati, I used to called her like that. Tapi, Madame Futrih yang nggak pernah 'atut itu, sekarang, lagi 'atiiiiiiiit'. She got something wrong her backbone, nggak pake Andra yaaaaah!

Madame Futrih Nggak Pernah 'Atut 'Atit ini adalah teman saya bermimpi ke Italia. Waktu itu sampe bela-bela-in les bahasa italia bareng, cuma gara-gara biaya les-nya 0 rupiah, kekekekeke…Kalau saya ini adalah perempuan bermulut setajam belati, nah si Madame Futrih Nggak Pernah 'Atut 'Atit ini mulutnya setajam golok pembunuh naga….

Andaikata, kami ini salah seorang pemeran film serial silat dari dataran Tiongkok, dia adalah teman seperguruan saya untuk melatih jurus tongkat pemukul anjing….Anjing pudel T.T

Berikut ini adalah notes yang beliau buat langsung di account facebook pribadinya;


Dear Philanthropists,
I am a 26 years old girl diagnosed with 40 degrees scoliosis. What is scoliosis? You may check the detail by searching on Google, but I’ll tell you some. Scoliosis is not a disease; it is an abnormal growth of our spinal cord on the wrong direction, so it’s making an ‘S’ shape starting from our lumbar spines, up to the neck.

The symptoms are so common. I never thought that my continuous migraine, vertigo, gastritis, frozen shoulders, low back pain, numbness on my elbows and fingers, pain on my knees, and occasional cramps on my feet came from one certain source: spinal cord. I’ve been struggling to endure the pain for years, wishing that it would go away someday. But, eventually, it’s still here and getting worse.

My spinal cord is making an ‘S’ curve with the angle of 40. It’s curving extremely on the lower back area and twisting. I’ve read on some articles that 40 degrees is quite huge and dangerous – regarding the fact that our back spine is where all of our nerves located – and the only things that could bring it (nearly) back to normal is by putting pins inside through surgery, or a long term therapy named Chiropractic. I chose the last one, of course. Surgery is much more expensive, it takes time to heal, and extremely risky.

I’ve started to attend the Chiropractic practice, and the Doctor said it might take years to get through. I need to do it three times a week, and the price per coming is about 500.000 IDR.  My whole month salary wouldn’t cover that! Well, there’s a package, actually, that would make it much cheaper. It’s a 40 times package, which cost 17 million IDR – so it’s like half of the normal price.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that much of savings right now, so I need to figure out HOW to get this amount of money in no time. I tried paintings, which actually is not my specialty – but I tried anyway, with all the limits I have.

I’d like to sell these pair of paintings called “Side by Side”. The price is 17 million IDR (that equals to 1700 USD), the exact amount I need to pay the first package of my therapy. It’s a picture of dream and hope of the present condition. I might have a dark and desolated path to take, but I believe that the sun will shine somehow and miracles will come.

PS: Pease help me share this to anyone you know. If there’s anyone who's interested and feeling the need to ask some questions, do not hesitate to contact me at I will also provide an extra painting dedicated to anyone who's buying these. Thank you for your time and kindness. Wish you all have a happy and healthy life. :)


Jujur, jumlah nominal uang buku tabungan saya belum ada sampai 1700USD, tapiiiii, saya yakin niat baik temen-temen kelompok PENCAPIR (PENgamat CeritA-cerita PIeRa!) itu harganya jauuuuuuuuuuh di atas 1700 USD ;)

PS 2: "Futriiiiiiiiih boleh 'atut 'atit 'ati, tafiiiiih Futriiiiih nggak boleh 'atut sama scoliosis…..Fokoknyah Futrih harus cefet-cefet semvuuuuh! Jadi kita visa ngatain temen-temen kita yang udah fadah nikah icuuuuh lageeeeeh!"

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