Jumat, 08 November 2013

Most Wanted!

Hi guys!

Musicology Records, sebuah perusahaan internasional yang berpusat di LA (Los Angeles ya guys, bukan Lenteng Agung T.T, red) dan bergerak di dalam industri musik sedang mencari internship staff sebagai account executive assistant.

Responsibilities include but not limited to :
- Being dope in front of our lovely clients
- Sharing happiness with new buddies
- Having fun with online and niche products
- Achieving your personal goals through our perky way
- Influencing cool people (both written and oral)

- College/university students (preferrably)
- Honest (We tolerate the failures, but cheat!)
- Has own transportation (i.e. motorcycle, car, unicorn, naga terbang)
- Work smart

Here's what we offer:
- Access to an existing company-wide network of progressive young professionals
- Ongoing from one-on-one professional development planning support
- Mentorship from from the leaders within the company

Here's how we make our selections:
- Send your CV to viera@musicologyrecords.com
- Our team will review your application and contact you directly if we believe you would be a great candidate for the team
- If you are not selected for our team, don't fret! You're still in our candidate pool and will be contacted for future opportunities :)

About us:

So, are you ready be part of us?

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